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Purpose of the Screening Process 

This screening process has been implemented as part of an integrated security strategy, to minimise the risks associated with the unauthorised disclosure of project information and to provide increased security for all project stakeholders. The aim of this process is to identify any individuals who could present a security concern to the project.

The Screening Process

Please complete the online screening form.  On completion the form will be sent securely to the Project Screening Office. You will be contacted in due course by the screening office to be advised of the outcome of the process.  You may also be contacted to clarify any information on the form or you may be required to provide further information to assist with the screening process.

Please note, personal details are stored securely and are not shared with any other parties. 

Supporting Documentation

As a minimum, copies of two forms of identification and a passport photograph must be provided with the screening form.  Acceptable identification must include:

  • A document containing the individual's photograph such as a:
    • Valid Passport - any nationality.
    • Driving Licence - photo card
  • A British Birth Certificate or non photo card driving license will suffice if the applicant does not have any of the above documents.


  • A document providing the individual's current address, such as a utility bill, bank statement or a recent council tax bill.

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